The mission of Paw Paw Athletics is to challenge and inspire

all student athletes to be champions.

Champions are elite people of character, who define

themselves by their pursuit of excellence in all they do.

Paw Paw Athletics is founded upon the pillars of Character,

Academic Excellence, Sportsmanship, Opportunity, and Community Pride.


The Paw Paw Public School’s extracurricular athletic program challenges and inspires student athletes to be persons of character who strive for excellence in all pursuits, who are willing to work and sacrifice for a cause greater than themselves. 

Paw Paw athletic programs develop champions.

Paw Paw Athletics are founded on the pillars of Character, Academics, Sportsmanship, Opportunity, and Community Pride.

·         Character:  Athletes will learn to develop positive character traits, such as courage, compassion, perseverance, integrity, and sacrifice.

·         Academics:  Paw Paw Athletes will strive to achieve in the classroom in order to earn the opportunity to participate in athletics. 

·         Sportsmanship:  Paw Paw Athletes will act, practice, and compete with class and dignity, showing respect for themselves, the game,

the officials, and their opponents at all times. 

·         Opportunity:  Paw Paw Athletes will have the opportunity to develop their athletic potential in a safe, structured, and competitive

environment, that challenges all athletes to improve themselves individually in order to achieve team success. 

·         Community Pride:  Paw Paw Athletes compete as representatives and young ambassadors of Paw Paw Public Schools and our community as

a whole.  Community pride is fostered through the sportsmanship they display, the effort put forth, and their achievements in this role. 

The Paw Paw Public School District supports the development and improvement of the athletic program by employing and developing capable staff, and assuring that all decisions made regarding the athletic program will be made in the best interest of the entire program in keeping with this philosophy.