Dual-Sport Policy

1.  Student Athletes who wish to participate in two school-sponsored sports during the same athletic season (fall, winter, spring) must declare their

intention to do so more than 2 full weeks prior to the first date of practice for those respective sports.  They must notify the coaches of the two

sports, and set up a meeting with the athletic director to determine the following:

                                     a.  The student-athlete’s priority sport

             b.  An appropriate practice schedule

                                     c.  An appropriate competition schedule

                                     d.  Academic criteria for dual-sport athletes

                                       e.  Rules and Expectations for dual-sport athletes

2.   It should be noted that an athlete’s request to dual-sport may be declined based on the coaches’ and athletic director’s determination.  An athlete’s

decision to dual-sport (and the time commitment to each sport) must not be considered detrimental to one program or the other.  

3.   A student must be in (and maintain) good academic standing in order to be considered

4.   Regardless of a student’s “priority” declaration, a team practice (soccer, football, volleyball, etc.) must take precedence over an individual practice

(cross country, golf, bowling, track).  Individual practice and training should be completed on an athlete’s time, outside that of the team practices

when their presence is required for the development of the entire team involved.  For instance, a runner or golfer can train before or after school on

their own, but they can not recreate a football or soccer or volleyball practice on their own.  Team practice time can not be sacrificed at the expense

of individual work that needs to be done.

5. Missed practices may result in the loss of playing time in a sport.