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Paw Paw Athletics has partnered with Travis Daugherty and Champions 101 to bring our athletes, our parents, and our coaches, helpful tools and resources that will enable us all to be better equipped and prepared to build our student athletes into "Champions". Champions are people who are worthy of winning. They set themselves apart by their dedication to development, their commitment to the process, their willingness to not be afraid, but rather to learn from their failure, and the idea of progress over perfection.

Champions 101 offers a completely free online curriculum for student athletes, coaches, and parents alike to work through at their own pace, as they learn about what it is to truly be a successful athlete, coach, and sports parent. Athletics can offer our kids a vast opportunity to learn and develop their leadership skills, work ethic, their focus, and an elite growth mindset that will serve them not only through high school and sports, but long after high school is a thing of their past.

Please scan the hyperlink below, and create a free user account to access the lessons and videos that will be a part of Champions 101. Athletes who complete all of the online modules by themselves will receive a custom Paw Paw "CHAMPIONS 101" T-Shirt, and be better prepared as they endeavor to train, compete, and prepare to be "Champions". Go Red Wolves!!!

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