Parent Support Group Sessions Begin Thursday, Nov. 5 (Online)

Online Support Group for Parents to Address Stress, Anxiety, and Mental Health: Thursday, Nov. 5 @ 7 PM.

Parents working to support and manage the stress and anxiety of COVID for themselves and their students and families will have a new resource available when Paw Paw Public Schools begins a series of support-group meetings tomorrow, Thursday, November 5, aimed at addressing and easing the mental and emotional challenges facing our school community.

Each support group session will provide a short, informative presentation on issues related to mental health and well-being and then an opportunity for discussion and the sharing of ideas and resources. The sessions are not intended to be therapy, but rather opportunities for parents to learn more about mental health and the challenges of parenting during COVID, and to learn about resources available for anyone who may need additional support at this time.

Sessions will be led by Paw Paw Public Schools Mental Health Clinician Stacey Coon-Ballard and Curriculum Director Corey Harbaugh, as well as other individuals from Paw Paw Public Schools who can join the conversation and add perspective, ideas, and resources.

The online support group meetings will meet twice each month, every other Thursday, at 7 PM via Google Meet, starting on Thursday, November 5.

Any parent who wants to have access to the support group link should sign up on the PPPS digital app, at the District website,, or at the link on the school Facebook pages.