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Science Olympiad Regional Competition Update from Coach Kevin Oles: 

As a team we took first with 58 points, 22 less points than 2nd place (low score wins). Great job team and I can't wait for the state competition at Michigan State in April!  

Main Team-Medals 1st-3rd
Abby G.
Emma K.
-Food Science-1st
-Mission Possible-1st
-Anatomy & Physiology-2nd

Darrin S.
Ashley O.
Road Scholar-1st
Mousetrap Vehicle-1st

Andrew L.
Kyle S.

Emilee M.
Kayla M.

Kaetlyn M.
Ian M.
Crime Busters-1st

Natalie C.
Molly G.
Disease Detectives-1st

Brenden M.
Mitchell M.
Reach for the Stars-2nd
Dynamic Planet-2nd

Will M.
Kayla M.
Elastic Launched Glider-2nd

Will M.
Brenden M. 
Game On-1st

Will M.
Kyle S.
Circuit Lab-1st

Aili S.
Claire C.
Crime Busters-2nd