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Community Partners. We will foster connections among our schools and the community. PPHS Principal Tammy Southworth, PPPS Nurse Cathy Lancaster, Beaumont Student Heart Check Manager, Jennifer Shea, and PPPS Maintenance Director Tom Imus. Build together logo. United with our community to build success.
community connections. we will foster connections among our schools and our community.  Supt. reo with 2 reps from Arbor Credit Union
SCHOOL BOARD SHOUT-OUTS, AUGUST 2023 Paw Paw Public Schools Board of Education At the end of each regular Board of Education Meeting, the board members each take a moment to share some of the great things they see in the district while serving on the Board. Here are this month's points of Pride & Progress. “First, thank you to Curriculum Director Corey Harbaugh for inviting me to walk over to see the new wall mural at the middle school. If you have not seen it, I would encourage everyone to do so. It is a positive addition to the south side of school. Today, I attended the active shooter training for the district, which was interesting. The I.S.D. safety specialists led many hands-on exercises and demonstrated other scenarios to keep safety top-of-mind if something were to happen. Lastly, while I was in the high school for the safety training, I was impressed to see so many staff members there before school started taking time to get their classrooms ready to receive our kids.”  Brent McNitt “In the building updates, I really like that Superintendent Rick Reo and Early Elementary Principal Leah Barnes are connecting everything to our five Core Values. At the Elementary, under the Core Value of Community, they hosted a popsicle and playground event!  Under the Core Value of Success, all the great work being done to add staff is exciting. Lastly, under Innovation, kudos to the staff for all the work that was done with Kindergarten and Young 5’s Jumpstart.” Dale Pease “I had a chance to speak to Cedar Street Director Beckah Chartier and Early Childhood Education Director Mindy Brennan, and I found out there are some really great things happening at the Cedar Street Campus! Beckah is working with her staff to make sure all the positions are filled. Thank you for that update. After talking with the ECE Director, I was happy to learn that nearly all the kids leaving the 4-year-old preschool classroom were meeting many of the kindergarten standards. I was also excited to hear that most of the ECE staff will be returning. One more shout-out to Principal Leah Barnes and her team for their work with Kindergarten and Young 5’s Jumpstart. It was a great event and made an excellent first impression with our new families.” Lindsay Clark “I’m happy to actually be able see some of the bond projects have started. I am also excited for the rest yet to come. Our summer Meet Up and Eat Up meals program provided almost 1600 breakfast and over 2500 lunch meals in June! Thank you to all the staff who helped make that program so successful. Lastly, kudos to the behind-the-scenes work of the Technology Department as they prep the classrooms and Chromebooks for a successful start to the upcoming school year.” Ray Martin
It's more than the form. We strongly encourage all parents/guardians to return their education benefits form. completing this form takes less than 5 minutes and can help students receive important resources. Every application that is not submitted means lost educational programs and resources for our students. Completing the Education Benefits Form may help provide health and wellness services, before and after school programs, guidance and college counselors, fee waivers for college applications and admission tests, and important resources for classrooms. every form counts. build togethe logo. clip art of kids.
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Paw Paw Public Schools Kindergarten and Young 5’s Jump Start. 8:30 a.m. – student check-in. 9-11 a.m.: Jump Start Programs for students. 9 a.m. – Presentation for families. Paw Paw Early Elementary, 512 North St. 269-415-5300. Crafts, storytime, snack time, play time. Make friends, recess, scavenger hunt, school bus tours. Red wolf pup logos and paw prints.
Build together logo. Images of tables, chairs, desks and kitchen utensils. Districtwide Garage Sale. Paw Paw Middle School Gym, 313 W. Michigan Ave., July 20, 21 and 22 from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. To clear out storage rooms and free up some much-needed space, Paw Paw Public Schools will be liquidating outdated or unused school equipment, supplies and furnishings. Surplus Inventory from all five schools will be brought together for one huge 3-Day Mega Sale! Desks, chairs, tables, appliances, kitchen items, food service items, and many more items will be offered at a low price to the general public. All items will be marked and priced to sell. No early sales. Enter the gym through the south entrance of the middle school.
internet safety month, paw paw public schools joins our partners in raising awareness about internet safety and providing resources to keep kids safe online
SCHOOL BOARD SHOUT-OUTS – JUNE 2023 Paw Paw Public Schools Board of Education At the end of each regular Board of Education Meeting, the board members each take a moment to share some of the great things they see in the district while serving on the Board. Here are this month's points of Pride & Progress. “There was a lot going on at the high school this month, especially with graduation. A few things really stood out, so I want to congratulate everyone in the district for some of these things. It was great to take pictures and see the students at the elementary schools and the middle school receiving our seniors during the Senior Walk. In addition, graduation went flawlessly! Kudos to Tammy, Tracy and Alan for all of their work planning graduation. I also want to thank Beckah at Cedar Street for inviting me to be their keynote speaker. They had a great turnout with many happy, smiling faces. Here are a few other shout-outs from the high school. First, a shout-out to Aaron West, who medaled in two different events at the State Track Meet. Secondly, H.S. Principal Tammy Southworth relayed that 81% of high school students who took AP classes took the AP tests, which means there are 88 students who potentially picked up college credits. Lastly, I was able to attend the Year-End Staff Celebration. Kudos to Alisa Clark and everyone who helped with this great event! It was great to see the staff recognized and realize how many district employees positively impact our kids.” Brent McNitt “At Paw Paw Later Elementary, they were very busy with end of the year activities and events. Great job, Principal Jeremy Davison and Later Elementary Staff.” Tom Baney “I was able to attend Water World Day at the early elementary, STEAM Day and Hot Diggity Dog at the later elementary, graduation at Cedar Street, and the Field Day and Picnic for the Early Childhood classes. All activities were well organized and well attended. Thank you to all of the volunteers! Special shout-outs to the Kindergarten Team for organizing Water World, LE Teacher Sarah Crawford for organizing STEAM Day, LE Art Teacher Amanda Nielsen for organizing the Art Show at Hot Diggity Dog, Mindy Brennan and her team for organizing the Field Day, Preschool Teacher Susy Sanger for her great work, and Beckah Chartier for inviting us to Cedar Street’s graduation.” Lindsay Clark “I’m looking forward to the implementation of CharacterStrong for the 2023-2024 school year. A lot of effort went into finding the right program for PPPS. We had tremendous growth scores throughout the district. Thank you to all of the administration and staff that work so hard every day to make this happen. Lastly, the business office gets very little notice most of the time. Thank you to Kara Corniel and the newly hired Jeremy Thompson. Paying the bills and planning the budget are vital to the operation of our district. Thank you for all you do!” Ray Martin “Everyone congratulated Beth Covey, who just retired as the Math Interventionist at the Middle School. I hope she does well too! I hope that we can find someone to live up to her standards. Thank you to all of the administrators and teachers. They did a fantastic job learning all of the new things that are coming our way. It was great to see the Paw Paw Fire Department participate in Water World Day at the elementary schools and being part of creating memories that will last a lifetime. Thank you to all of the volunteers!” Nate Mitchell “We just finished sports physicals today. We had several hundred kids get their physicals, and it was run well. Moving forward, we have big hopes that we can be a beacon for this area. We saw many Lawton kids, so it was nice that we could provide that service. Hopefully, we can continue doing this, and it could translate into some good notoriety fo
community survey share your voice! At Paw Paw Public Schools, community input is  important to us. If you are resident in the Paw Paw Public School District, we would love to hear from you.! Please let your voice be heard by June 9, 2023. You may access the survey by using the QR code below or by visiting . Thank you . build together logo. QR code,
Build Together logo. It’s time to break ground! Shovel clip art. Tuesday, June 6 @ 4 pm at Paw Paw High School, 30609 Red Arrow Highway. Join us for the kick-off to construction on the 2022 bond projects. High school rendering. Early Childhood Center rendering. Please join us for this community celebration.  Owen Ames Kimball logo. Tower Pinkster Logo.
wave award winners. Footloose: the musical wins in 3 categories, outstanding choreography, musical direction and leading actor. Kristofer Perkins 10:32 AM (25 minutes ago) to me  3 person photo left to right Amelia Gibbs chorus member and Dance Captain accepted the Choreography Award on behalf of Sophia Marie Louden, Kris Perkins for Best Direction Max Crawford Outstanding Leading Actor.  5 Person Sydney Heasley Pit Conductor Amelia Gibbs, Kris Perkins, Max Crawford Max Wagner Music Director
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Jennifer “Jen” Carra, a paraprofessional at Paw Paw Early Elementary, is being celebrated and recognized as a hero
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