2 Paws Service Club

2 Paws, a student-based service club, is a collaboration between the Paw Paw Later Elementary and the Paw Paw Lions Club that offers a new, positive focus for students. 

During the past year, students were exposed to many forces outside of their control.  Whether it was COVID, politics, or other issues dividing the country, many students have felt or witnessed the negative effects of isolation and division.  

When it became clear that students needed more positive influences, Mr. Eric Clark, Later Elementary Behavior Management Specialist, and Principal Jeremy Davison brainstormed several different projects to help encourage more unity amongst students.  Together they agreed upon a plan to start a service club for students in association with the Paw Paw Lions Club.  2 Paws is the uniting of the Paw Paw Red Wolves with the Paw Paw Lions Club. The 2 Paw logo was designed by Later Elementary paraprofessional, Michelle Boynton to show the united two paws of the wolf and the lion.

While school is coming to an end this year,  2 Paws is just getting started!  Teachers and staff have nominated fourth and fifth-grade students who are ready to invest in their community, their peers, and themselves.  

Students will meet virtually and after school to plan and embark upon service-learning activities.  Through service-learning, students will have the opportunity to not only give back to their school and community but also to improve themselves by learning to serve the greater good of all. 

The first project will be to plant flower bulbs that come up each year in the spring. This project is meaningful because it represents each staff member and each student who showed up, wore their mask, and made this school year possible. 2 Paws a Service Club is focused on our school vision statement of All-in for All Kids!