Elementary Campus Halloween Parade 2022

*Weather Permitting*

Families: Students will be seated by grade level on the sidewalk along the curb of the bus loop. Classes will be seated five students wide and five rows deep around the bus loop.

Parents and guests are expected to stand behind classes to view the parade. There is also  space along the fence line of the staff parking lot. Grade levels will be announced one at a time to stand and walk the bus loop before returning to their assigned sitting area.
Students are welcome to wear costumes to school. We ask for your cooperation in making sure that costumes adhere to the following expectations:
1. Are not violent in nature
2. Do not contain any blood or gore
3. No weapons
4, Masks are allowed to be worn
during the parade and classroom
5. Face paint is allowed, but must be
put on before arriving at school

**Guests: Please make sure that costumes are school appropriate if dressing up for your visit to the Elementary Campus