community survey share your voice! At Paw Paw Public Schools, community input is  important to us. If you are resident in the Paw Paw Public School District, we would love to hear from you.! Please let your voice be heard by June 9, 2023. You may access the survey by using the QR code below or by visiting . Thank you . build together logo. QR code,

Paw Paw Public Schools wants to hear your voice!

On behalf of the Board of Education and the school administration, all Paw Paw School District residents, community members, and parents of PPPS students are invited to complete our latest Community Outreach Survey for the purpose of sharing your perceptions about how our schools and the District are performing.

Once the survey is completed, the Board and administration will analyze the data collected to inform the school district’s path moving forward. Some of the areas of focus for the survey include school governance and leadership, culture and climate, and safety. Additionally, survey results are going to help the District evaluate its progress in promoting and realizing the PPPS Mission, Vision, and Core Values.

Surveys such as these are important to the school district because they allow the Board and school leaders to gain insight into how stakeholders feel, and what they understand, about their school system and school-related issues. Survey data provide important insights about where it might be necessary to pivot efforts to better inform families of what changes mean for students and the District. The information can also be very helpful in moving the District from talking about an issue to taking action.   

Ultimately, the goal is to improve overall school quality, and this Community Outreach Survey is a tool for helping to achieve this goal. My hope is that everyone who reads this will participate in the survey and encourage others who belong to the PPPS community to do the same. The survey is tentatively scheduled to be open from May 22 through June 2, and it can be accessed using the QR code in the graphic or by visiting