Final Round of Voting

The final ratings process of the Top 3 Nicknames is now underway, and community members, which includes students in grades K-4, plus staff, alumni, parents, etc., can vote at this link:


For this round of voting, each person will be asked to identify the top 3 image designs that were submitted for each image, and to rank the final three nicknames in order, from first to last. The most popular image(s) for our selected nickname will be given to a professional graphic artist as a guide in designing a logo unique to Paw Paw Schools. 

Each of the nicknames indicates that it could be some version/variation of that name, and that is so our Focus Group and professional consultants in marketing and branding have the ability to develop the best possible name and imagery to go along with that name for Paw Paw Public Schools. 

Once again, as they have each round of voting, all nicknames and images will be reviewed by the Nickname Task Force to rank them in order of how well they meet the established criteria, as follows:

RESPECTFUL: Inclusive; Non-Controversial
SERIOUS: Pride, Spirit; Unique/Distinct

We hope you will participate and encourage others to participate.