students and basketball players shaking hands. go red wolves. #packpride. basketball and red wolves logos.

Paw Paw, MI – As ambassadors and role models for Paw Paw Public Schools, the student-athletes and coaches in Paw Paw High School’s basketball program take their jobs seriously. Through their actions, they have united to serve the community and catapult the district’s vision to the next level. 

In more ways than one, they are showing their commitment to the district’s vision: United with our community to build success.  In addition to classes, practices, games, extracurricular, family, and often work responsibilities, these stand-out citizens are committed to making a positive impact through service to the community.

Earlier this month the team decided they wanted to do something to cheer on the middle school basketball teams, so they all showed up in the bleachers and did just that.

Today, students at Paw Paw Early and Later Elementary had a surprise in store as these “giants among men” clad in Red Wolves warm-ups showed up to greet them and hold the doors as they entered the schools.

Later this month, the team is looking forward to helping the Lions Club pack baskets for those in need in our community.

Building together, on and off the court, this team is practicing the PPPS Athletics pillars of character, academics, sportsmanship, opportunity, and community pride.

To witness these stand-out athletes and upstanding citizens in action, click here to follow their game schedules at home and on the road.