Thank you to 2Paws Robotics Coach Ben Tomlinson  for providing this recent update from the FIRST World Championships in Houston! Note: all match times are in the Central Time Zone.

Please join me in congratulating this world championship qualifying team...WORLD QUALIFYING TEAM MEMBERS (italics indicate leadership positions)

Co-Captains: Emily Dalecki & Derek Keene

Secretary: Olivia Garrod

Marketing Team Lead(s): Meah Hameed & Carter Buck

Business Team Lead: Natalie Atwater

Programming Team Lead and Technician: Will Mackellar

Build Team Lead & Driver: Tyler Houston

Photography: Jaxin Lovorn

Drive Team Coach: Logan Keene

Human Player: Brenden Muessig

Pit Crew: Abigail Goodwin & Hassei Omori

Scout Team: Carter Borah, Charlie Meyers, Chante Rayborn, Ethan Skowronski, Phil Staffen, Teagen TenBrink