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Thanks to all students, alumni, staff, and community members who participated in the final process to rank and sort the images and nicknames into final results. The process has concluded and the rankings/votes on both nicknames and imagery are being counted.

Now that the process has concluded, the next step will be to review the results and data on imagery, and to get that information to a focus group next week who will prepare an announcement to the community on our new nickname as part of a presentation to the Paw Paw Public Schools Board of Education at their June 22 meeting.

The focus group will be made up of a small number of students, staff people, and community members, and the members of the focus group will provide information and feedback to professional graphic artist/marketing specialist(s) about the development of our new nickname into a brand that works best for Paw Paw Public Schools.

If any community member wants to participate in the focus group process, please email Corey Harbaugh, at, and please include a sentence or two on why you would like to be part of the focus group process and any expertise or experience you might bring. We anticipate the focus group work will require 2-3 meetings over the summer months. We will have room for up to five (5) community members to serve in this capacity.