School Closed Coronavirus

Paw Paw Public Schools will be closed today, Friday, March 13, and at least until April 6, to protect the health and safety of all citizens at this time. 

After consulting internally and with Michigan health and education officials in the coming days, Paw Paw Public Schools will communicate if the District will also be closed the week of April 6 as it was originally scheduled to be the week of Spring Break in the District once any decision has been made.

Last night, Thursday, March 12, at 11 pm, Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer took action to close all Michigan schools at least until April 6 as a public safety measure to slow down the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus. 

Because this is a rapidly evolving situation, Paw Paw Public Schools will communicate any updates to information as it comes into us and as decisions are made by District leaders. Today administrators will meet to discuss how the District will work to support students and families over the next two weeks with such considerations as student meal service, operations, compensation for employees impacted by this school closure, and providing learning/educational opportunities for students while they are home during this extended period of school closure.

Superintendent Rick Reo told administrators and key personnel to report to Paw Paw Public Schools to meet to develop communication strategies for services and operations in the days and weeks to come to provide as much support as the District can for students and families.

"It's important we let our community know how we plan to serve our students and families over the next weeks," Reo said. "We support this action taken by the State of Michigan to protect the health of all citizens, but we know it will create challenges and hardships for many families. We will do everything we can as a school district to help as best as we are able. We encourage all our students, families, and community members to take care of themselves and to follow recommendations of health officials, but to also come together as a community to support and protect friends, neighbors, and even strangers or those most vulnerable in our community."