Community Writing Project

Paw Paw Public Schools recently announced a "call for submissions" for any student or community member who would like to submit an original piece that will help us tell the story of life in Paw Paw in a book to be published in August.

The project is part of an effort to increase opportunities for students to write for real purposes and for real audiences, and to celebrate and promote writing, stories, images, and memories of our community. 

The project also promotes "place-based pedagogy" for our students, an approach to teaching and learning that uses the local community and local writing as an asset for students. The research for place-based pedagogy establishes that students are more engaged when they are able to see the value of local people and places in their classrooms.

For more information on the writing project, or for submission guidelines, please click on this link Guidelines, or contact Central Office, at 269-415-5200.