• Executive Limitations


    Use of School Buildings and Facilities

    The laws of the State of Michigan provide that Boards of Education may authorize school property to be used for any lawful or proper purpose and shall charge such fees as deemed reasonable or advisable for the use of said property, or to cover any expense incurred by reason of such use, provided however, that such use of the property does not interfere with the purpose and operation of the Paw Paw Public Schools.
    When not in use for school programs (K-12 programs and community education programs), school buildings and grounds, or portion thereof, may be used for discussion, religious, civic, social, recreation, entertainment, and such purposes as promote the welfare of the community; including registration and voting places for local voters. No person, group, or organization has any vested right to use school property. The right to use the property for any lawful purposes shall be subject to the approval of the Board of Education or its designee.
    The Board of Education or its designee maintains the right to deny the use of the facility to any group, which is not open to the public. The following Group Classifications are established to assist in determining priority for facility use, scheduling, staff and application fees:
    Group Classification
    Class I: School Groups
    Includes groups whose membership and sponsors are members of the Paw Paw student body and staff. This would include classes, clubs, and other groups which are a part of the schools.
    Class II: School-Related Groups and Governmental Units
    Includes groups and organizations which have a direct affiliation with the school certain non-profit community groups whose primary purpose is serving the school district and its students, and governmental units within the school district. This would include PTO's, community groups, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Boosters, Children's Theatre, etc.
    Class III: Non-School Related Community and Other Non-Profit Groups
    Includes civic organizations, YMCA, service clubs, cultural groups, and religious or political groups whose participants are primarily residents of the district, or who provides services to residents of the district.
    Class IV: Other Groups
    Includes all groups, which do not fall under the other three classifications, such as groups whose participants are substantially residents outside the district or groups which operate for profit.
    1. An application for permit to use the public school buildings by Class II-IV Groups should be filed in the Community Education Office at least ten (10) days prior to the date for which the request is made.
    2. Regular school activities or organizations of the school shall have first preference when requesting any part of a building providing the school has not already been reserved and a permit granted.
    3. All activities are to be of a high moral standard and only as stated on the application.
    4. Special written permission must be obtained for any activity or its requirements which would damage the building or would require decoration or installation of moving of equipment.
    5. A permit does not include use of equipment owned by the schools, unless specific written permission has been given; or the property of the Paw Paw Public Schools, such as spot lights, flood lights, moving picture projectors, public address systems, band instruments, and stage scenery, unless specific arrangements have been made.
    6. All ordinances and rules of the police and fire departments regarding public assemblies must be strictly obeyed.
    7. No pianos, moving picture projectors, scenery, or other apparatus is to be moved into the building unless special permission is granted.
    8. The services of custodians do not include the erecting or dismantling of scenery or equipment unless such scenery or equipment is the property of the Paw Paw Public Schools.
    9. All equipment provided by the holder of the permit must be removed from the building promptly after the event unless prior permission has been granted.
    10. All meetings, entertainment, dances and other activities must cease not later than 11:00 p.m. local time and the custodian or the designated person representing the school must see that the building is properly secured.
    11. Whenever any materials, equipment, furnishing, or rubbish are left after the use of a school building, the party to whom the permit is issued will be required to pay for the cost of any removal, storage, or clean-up.
    12. All permits shall be revocable and shall not be considered as a lease. The Board of Education or its designee may reject any application or cancel any permit for any reason. The charges will not be considered as rental charges, but will be limited to operation expenses with a reasonable allowance for wear and tear.
    13. Permit holders shall not assign, transfer, sublet, or charge a fee to others for use of school property unless permission has been granted.
    14. The number of tickets sold for any event must not exceed the seating capacity of the auditorium or gymnasium for which a permit is granted.
    15. Any additional props including any artificial plants, draperies, shall be flameproof or fire retardant and shall meet State Fire Marshal requirements.
    16. The party making application for the use of any building shall agree to indemnify the school district for any and all damage to school or other property by any person or persons attending the event, and likewise to indemnify the school district against all liability for any and all damages to any person or persons for injuries, including death. The school district shall have the additional right to require proof of adequate insurance with the district named as an additional insured party.
    17. The permit holder will be held responsible for any loss or damage resulting from any violation of the following rules governing the use of the buildings and grounds:
      1. The drinking of intoxicating beverages or liquors or the use of any illegal drugs anywhere in or on the school premises is prohibited. Restrictions as set forth in appropriate policy regarding smoking on district premises and weapon free school zone must be enforced.
      2. Persons attending meetings must confine themselves to rooms and corridors assigned to their use.
      3. Disorderly conduct of any kind is prohibited, and it punishable by ejection from the building or grounds.
      4. The use of buildings and grounds is granted for legitimate purposes only; the permit holder shall assume full responsibility for any unlawful act committed in the exercise of the agreement.
    18. The administrative representative of the Board of Education may demand at their discretion from the permit holder of any building and/or grounds, a deposit of cash to serve as a guarantee that the grounds or building, or both, will be left in a satisfactory condition after their use.
    19. Custodial personnel must be on duty at all times when the buildings are open for a public event. Please consider that custodial duties will probably extend beyond the time the group is in the building and there will be a charge for this service. If kitchen facilities such as dishwashers, mixers, stoves are being used, a kitchen supervisor must be on duty. The cooks are hired as kitchen supervisors to assist with supervising the use of equipment, and they should not be expected to prepare food or clean the floors. When personnel must be on duty at other than normal working hours, the using group will be charged at the overtime pay rate for the personnel on duty. A charge will be made for custodial and kitchen personnel even if the persons working wish to donate their time. Any donation of time by school personnel can only be made privately, after the school has paid them.
    20. The Board of Education or its designee reserves the right to demand sufficient time for full investigation of all applications for use of school facilities. Holders of permits may cancel them by giving the issuing office at least 48 hours notice in advance of the date to be canceled, or they will be held responsible for all charges.
    21. The Superintendent or designee is authorized to act in any case not specifically covered by these rules and regulations.
    22. Rules and regulations should accompany each application. After approval has been given by the designated representative of the Board of Education to use the school, a list of the rules and regulations shall be given to the applicant for building use.
    23. Procedure for billing-copies of the requisition will be distributed as follows:
      1. One copy is retained by the Cedar Street Community and Family Center
      2. One copy is mailed to the applicant
      3. One copy is sent to principal of building requested for use
      4. One copy is sent to maintenance supervisor
    24. Enforcement of unauthorized use of school building or facilities:
      By non-school personnel:
      1. Individuals involved in the unauthorized use of school facilities will be referred to legal authorities for prosecution for trespassing
      2. These individuals or groups will be denied future use of school buildings of facilities.
      By school personnel:
      1. Individuals involved in the unauthorized use of school buildings or facilities will be referred to the appropriate administrator for disciplinary measures.
    25. Miscellaneous Information:
      1. Class I users may request to schedule a regular class, practice, or meeting without a custodian on duty when the person in charge is the school employee who regularly supervises that class/group.
      2. Class II and Class III users may request special written permission to schedule a meeting, rehearsal, or practice without a custodian on duty only with a school employee as the designated supervisor, or by special arrangement with the Superintendent or Community Education Director.
      3. All users will assume the cost of custodial and/or kitchen staff required outside of normal duties.
      4. Special arrangements must be made for auditorium sound and light technicians. Users will pay costs.
    26. Schedule of Fees:

      FacilityClass I
      Class II 
      Class III
       Class IV
      All-Purpose Rooms and High School CafeteriaNo Charge
      No Charge
      No Charge
      $75 plus $25/hour
      KitchensNo Charge
      No Charge
      No Charge
      $50 plus $15/hour
      High School Gymnasium
      No Charge
      No Charge
      No Charge
      $150 plus $50/hour
      Other Gymnasiums
      No Charge
      No Charge
      No Charge
      $100 plus $25/hour
      Locker Rooms
      No Charge
      No Charge
      No Charge
      AuditoriumNo Charge
      To be arranged
      $35 plus* $7/hour$100/hour**
      ClassroomsNo Charge
      No Charge
      No Charge
      Sports Fields, Courts, Etc.
      No Charge
      No Charge
      No Charge
      Special Arrangements

      *  Assumes use of lights and sound system (technicians extra)

      **  Extra charges may be added for exceptional use of lights and sound system