Paw Paw Public Schools

Achieving Excellence

Standard 7: Commitment to Continuous Improvement
The system establishes, implements, and monitors a continuous process of improvement that focuses on student performance.
Quality School System Indicators
In fulfillment of this standard, the system:
Engages in a continuous process of improvement that articulates the vision and purpose the system is pursuing (Vision); maintains a rich and current description of students, their performance, system effectiveness, and the community (Profile); employs goals and interventions to improve student performance (Plan); and documents and uses the results to inform future improvement efforts (Results)
Engages stakeholders in the processes of continuous improvement
Ensures that each school’s plan for continuous improvement is aligned with the system’s vision and expectations for student learning
Ensures that each school’s plan for continuous improvement includes a focus on increasing learning for all students and closing gaps between current and expected student performance levels
Provides research-based professional development for system and school personnel to help them achieve improvement goals
Monitors and communicates the results of improvement efforts to stakeholders
Evaluates and documents the effectiveness and impact of its continuous process of improvement
Allocates and protects time for planning and engaging in continuous improvement efforts system-wide
Provides direction and assistance to its schools and operational units to support their continuous improvement efforts
Impact Statement
A school is successful in meeting this standard when it implements a collaborative and ongoing process for improvement that aligns the functions of the school with the expectations for student learning. Improvement efforts are sustained and the school demonstrates progress in improving student performance and school effectiveness. New improvement efforts are informed by the results of earlier efforts through reflection and assessment of the improvement process.