• Standard 4: Documenting and Using Results

    The system enacts a comprehensive assessment system that monitors and documents performance and uses these results to improve student performance and school effectiveness.

    Quality School System Indicators

    In fulfillment of this standard, the system:
    Establishes and implements a comprehensive assessment system, aligned with the system’s expectations for student learning, that yields information which is reliable, valid, and free of bias
    Ensures that student assessment data are used to make decisions for continuous improvement of teaching and learning
    Conducts a systematic analysis of instructional and organizational effectiveness, including support systems, and uses the results to improve student and system performance
    Provides a system of communication which uses a variety of methods to report student performance and system effectiveness to all stakeholders
    Uses comparison and trend data from comparable school systems to evaluate student performance and system effectiveness
    Demonstrates verifiable growth in student performance that is supported by multiple sources of evidence
    Maintains a secure, accurate, and complete student record system in accordance with state and federal regulations

    Impact Statement

    A school system is successful in meeting this standard when it uses a comprehensive assessment system based on clearly-defined performance measures. The assessment system is used to assess student performance on expectations for student learning, identify gaps between expectations for student learning and student performance, evaluate the effectiveness of curriculum and instruction, and determine interventions to improve student performance. The assessment system yields timely and accurate information that is meaningful and useful to system and school leaders, teachers, and other stakeholders in understanding student performance, system and school effectiveness, and the results of improvement efforts.