• Standard 2: Governance and Leader

    The system provides governance and leadership that promote student performance and system effectiveness.

    Governance - Quality School System Indicators

    In fulfillment of this standard, the system operates under the jurisdiction of a governing board that:
    Establishes and communicates policies and procedures that provide for the effective operation of the system
    2.2 Recognizes and preserves the executive, administrative, and leadership authority of the administrative head of the system
    2.3 Ensures compliance with applicable local, state, and federal laws, standards, and regulations
    Implements policies and procedures that provide for the orientation and training of the governing board
    Builds public support, secures sufficient resources, and acts as a steward of the system’s resources
    Maintains access to legal counsel to advise or obtain information about legal requirements and obligations
    Maintains adequate insurance or equivalent resources to protect its financial stability and administrative operations

    Leadership - Quality School System Indicators

    In fulfillment of this standard, the system has leadership that:
    Provides for systematic analysis and review of student performance and school and system effectiveness
    Creates and supports collaborative networks of stakeholders to support system programs
    Provides direction, assistance, and resources to align, support, and enhance all parts of the system in meeting organizational and student performance goals
    Provides internal and external stakeholders meaningful roles in the decision-making process that promote a culture of participation, responsibility, and ownership
    Assesses and addresses community expectations and stakeholder satisfaction
    Implements an evaluation system that provides for the professional growth of all personnel

    Impact Statement

    A system is successful in meeting this standard when it has leaders who are advocates for the system’s vision and improvement efforts. The leaders provide direction and allocate resources to implement curricular and cocurricular programs that enable students to achieve expectations for their learning. Leaders function with clearly defined authority and responsibility and encourage collaboration and shared responsibility for system and school improvement among stakeholders. The system’s policies, procedures, and organizational conditions ensure equity of learning opportunities and support for innovation.