• Standard 1: Vision and Purpose

    The system establishes and communicates a shared purpose and direction for improving the performance of students and the effectiveness of the system.

    Quality School System Indicators

    In fulfillment of this standard, the system:
    Establishes a vision for the system in collaboration with its stakeholders
    1.2Communicates the system’s vision and purpose to build stakeholder understanding and support
    1.3Identifies system-wide goals and measures to advance the vision
    1.4Develops and continuously maintains a profile of the system, its students, and the community
    1.5Ensures that the system’s vision and purpose guide the teaching and learning process and the strategic direction of schools, departments and services
    1.6 Reviews its vision and purpose systematically and revises them when appropriate

    Impact Statement

    A system is successful in meeting this standard when it commits to a purpose and direction that is shared systemwide. The leadership establishes expectations for student learning aligned with the system’s vision that is supported by system and school personnel and external stakeholders. These expectations serve as the focus for assessing student performance and district effectiveness. The system’s vision guides allocations of time and human, material,and fiscal resources.