• Student Page

    Welcome to all of my students and visitors. You will find a lot of information on this page to help you not only in my class but in your high school career. Take some time to explore and come back often.
    You may reach me either through email or by calling Michigan Avenue Academy at 269-657-8831. I am available in my classroom #109 Monday through Friday from 8:40 until 2:30.
    1) Be prepared everyday for class. When class begins be in your seats with the materials for the day ready. If you need a writing utensil request one prior to the begining of class and return it after class.
    2)All members of this class are required to behave in a professional manner. Inappropriate language, lounging, throwing anything, or eating are not acceptable.
    3) Respect for all is mandatory at all times. Cutting remarks, disruptive behavior, physical (real or threatened) or verbal harassment, or disrespect toward any individual or group will not be tolerated.
    1) Grades will be given in both points and letters. At the end of the marking period report card grades are based on a percentage. No discussion or your grade, report card, tests or assignments will occur during class time. Since your grade is no one's business but your own, we can discuss this privately before or after class.
    2) Copying someone else's assignment is considered cheating for both parties. Do not place yourself or your friends in this uncomfortable position. This behavior, at a minimum, will result in a zero for the assignment involved.

    Ryan and Heidi
    Upper Peninsula Scavenger Hunt An online scavenger hunt relating to the role mining played in the development of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.
    Harry Potter and the Hero's Journey A multimedia presentation introducing Joseph Campbell's theory of the Hero's Journey.
    The War of 1812 in North America This site is a dynamic research and reference tool, designed to spread awareness of one of the most important periods in American history. (But I'm not biased!)
    The Bubonic Plague Webquest A webquest examining life during the bubonic plague.
    The Kennedy Presidency A powerpoint overview of the life and presidency of John. F. Kennedy
    What Did You Do In the War, Grandma? An oral history of Rhode Island women during WWII