School Closing/Early Dismissal

School Closing/Early Dismissal Decision

The decision to close or dismiss either one or more of the schools in the district because of severe weather, physical conditions, or other safety related reasons resides with the Superintendent or designee.

The decision to dismiss one or more of the schools will be primarily based upon the health, safety and welfare of the students.

Procedures will be determined on an annual basis indicating individuals and organizations to be notified in case of school closing or early dismissal and distributed as necessary for effective implementation.

Procedure For Canceling After School And Evening Extra-Curricular Activities When School Is Canceled.

When school is canceled due to inclement weather or other unforeseen circumstances, school and community activities (those beginning immediately after school or later) are not automatically canceled. An additional decision will be made as early as practicable to determine if school buildings will be open or closed for evening activities.

The decision as to whether or not evening/after-school activities will be held will be made by the Superintendent or designee and will be based on factors including but not limited to, weather conditions, road conditions, condition of parking lots and sidewalks availability of adequate supervision, and other safety-related factors.

If the decision is made to keep buildings closed, all after school activities will be canceled. 1. Exceptions will be granted only in extenuating circumstances and with approval of the Superintendent or designee in consultation with others, as appropriate.

If the decision is made to re-open the buildings for after-school activities, individual groups may choose to cancel or hold their scheduled events as they deem appropriate, except as noted below.

  1. Decisions about athletic competitions scheduled to occur on an inclement weather day will be made in collaboration with the opposing school district.
  2. Middle School interscholastic athletic team practices, games and activities will be canceled.
  3. *High School interscholastic athletic team practices may be held upon approval of High School Administration.
  4. *Other High School meetings, activities may be held after the decision has been made to re-open the buildings, upon approval of High School Administration.

*Note: These practices, meetings, activities and events shall not be mandatory. Failure to attend shall not result in any penalty for the student.