Community Education Mission Statement

The mission of Paw Paw Adult & Alternative Education, as a family-centered, community-based educational service, is to empower students to become productive, self-sufficient members of society by providing challenging, progressive, non-traditional educational opportunities.

Statements of Belief

We believe that:

  • Every individual has a worth and deserves to be treated with dignity and respect.
  • Quality education enhances communities.
  • All people have the right to work and learn in a safe environment.
  • Making good choices and decisions enhances self-fulfillment.
  • Positive behaviors and expectations promote positive responses.
  • All people have an equal right to educational opportunities consistent with their personal needs and abilities.
  • Everyone in the community shares the responsibility for the mission of educating all members of the community.
Strategic Goals

Paw Paw Alternative and Adult Education will strive to assure that:

  • Our students will achieve their individual educational plans.
  • Our graduates will demonstrate self-sufficiency.
  • Our students will successfully pass the MEAP tests.
Critical Issues
  • Changing family culture and structure
  • Limited funding
  • Increasing competition for students
  • Uncertain facility location future
  • Technological possibilities for enhancing learning
  • Organizational capacity for a wide range of services
  • Flexible, responsive staff for enhancing change
  • Potential for community involvement
Long-Term Strategies

Organizational Effectiveness Strategies

  1. We will increase involvement of family in the educational process of students.
  2. We will create mechanisms that will provide students with access to up-to-date technology.
  3. We will introduce students to educational experiences within and outside our community.
  4. We will improve the scope and quality of all student supportive services.
  5. We will search out new and varied sources of funding.

Student Learning Strategies

  1. We will work to improve student communication competencies.
  2. We will strive to enhance student computational skills.