Importance of Breakfast

National School Breakfast Week 2019

Availability of School Breakfast

School Breakfast Program

Did you know that Paw Paw Public Schools participates in the National School Breakfast program?

We do!

The Elementary, Middle, High School and Cedar Street participate in this program.

All bus riders can get breakfast when they arrive.

Students who walk or are dropped off can also get breakfast before school starts.

Feel free to send your child into school earlier to allow them to have a nutritious breakfast prepared by our wonderful staff.

We even serve breakfast on half days!

Breakfast Serving Times:

Early Elementary and Later Elementary: 8am-8:25am

Middle School and High School: 7am-7:25am

Cedar Street: 8am-9am (grades are spread out during this time)

The picture to the right is an example of the food used in our programs!

We use Offer Vs Serve in all of our buildings to allow your children more choices at breakfast time!