Welcome to the Curriculum Corner!

In 2019 Paw Paw Public Schools established its goal to become a model Professional Learning Community (PLC) school district, and that work began with a K-12 focus on curriculum and the identification of essential educational standards. Essential Standards are the specific skills and knowledge students will be expected to master at each grade level and in each content area, and they form the basis of our Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS), so that students who need support mastering essential skills and knowledge will be given extra help, and students who demonstrate mastery of essential skills and knowledge will be given opportunities to extend and/or enrich their learning.

Paw Paw Public Schools provides students with a balanced assessment progam to monitor and adjust instruction based on the real, demonstrated needs and proficiency levels of students as they make their way through our K-12 instructional program.

Every student who attends Paw Paw Public Schools will have access to a guaranteed, viable curriculum based on Common Core State Standards and Michigan content expectations that prepare students to be at or above grade level as a Paw Paw Public School student, and to be Career & College Ready at the time of graduation.

For information about the Essential Standards identified for your student(s), please click on this Essential Standards link.

For more information about curriculum and instruction at Paw Paw Public Schools, please contact Paw Paw Public Schools Director of Curriculum & Instruction and State/Federal Programs, at 269-415-5211.