Transparency Reporting

a) The annual operating Budget and Subsequent Budget revisions

b) Summary of Expenditures Expressed in Pie Charts for the most recent fiscal year:

c) Links to the following items.

  • (ii) Employer-Sponsored Health Care Plans (note that this was done in conjunction with many other VBISD school districts. The district sponsors plans for the teachers, administration, maintenance/mechanics, and secretaries. Other staff such as bus drivers, paraprofessionals and food service workers monthly receive limited amounts which could be used to purchase health insurance (only) plans. Every person can choose the plan that best meets his/her needs from the following plans. The plan summaries are as follows:

d) Salaries of Superintendent and all other employees over $100,000
e) District Paid Association Dues Association Dues 2018-2019

f) District Paid Lobbying Costs. There were no district paid lobbying costs for the most recent year.
g) Deficit Elimination plan. The district has not incurred a deficit.
h) District Credit Card Information

i) 2018-2019 Out of State Travel Costs