Paw Paw Later Elementary Computer Lab

Instructional Assistant: Mrs. Bolton • Phone: 269.415.5435

What have we been doing in the computer lab?

Third Grade: At PPLE we learn Digital Citizenship Skills as we work throughout the year on proper keyboarding skills, learning programs such as Microsoft Word and PowerPoint. We also use "Search Shark Skills" to work on our Internet researching skills.

Fourth Grade: We work throughout the year on our keyboarding skills and learning programs such as Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. We also use our Internet researching skills with a research project.

Fifth Grade: We not only work on proper keyboarding skills, but also our speed. Our typing goal is 15 wpm by the end of the year. We use Code.org to learn how to Code.

Keep Kids Safe on the Web!

Visit www.netsmartz.org to learn how to keep your child safe on the internet:

NetSmartz® is an interactive, educational safety resource from the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children® and Boys & Girls Clubs of America for children (ages 5-17), parents, guardians, educators, and law enforcement that uses age-appropriate, 3-D activities to teach children how to stay safer on the Internet.

PPLE is a Common Sense School, committed to creating a culture of digital learning and digital citizenship.