• To expose students to the world of theatre technology and give them hands on experience in all fields (lighting, sound, scenery, etc.)
  • To provide the Paw Paw Performing Arts Center with production staff for all events.
  • To provide an opportunity for students to gain community services hours for working events.
  • To expose students to another field which may interest them as a career.
  • Students will learn valuable skills in time management, organization, teamwork, and will be part of a very elite organization.
  • Students who continue with stage crew after one year have the opportunity to gain status as a senior crew member.
  • Students must work a minimum of 50% of the work calls and 100% of the events they sign up for over the course of their first year to gain seniority.
  • Stage Crew members may be asked to work outside events for separate organizations and will also have opportunities for theatre experiences outside Paw Paw High School
  • Students must fill out and sign a crew application every year to continue to be a member of stage crew. This application must also be signed by a parent or guardian.
  • Students must be punctual for all events to which they are assigned and must maintain attendance or they will be removed from the crew.
  • Students are responsible for checking schedules and call times to assure they arrive on time for all events they are assigned to work.
  • Family business and school take priority over crew work, however students who continually do not show for scheduled work calls or events may be removed from the crew roster.
  • Students are responsible for their own transportation to and from work calls and events
  • Student crew attire policy must be followed. No open toe or open back shoes while at a work call or event. No baggy or sloppy clothing. Black pants and a black shirt are the preferred attire for all stage crew members.
  • Crew members must maintain the same eligibility standards as athletes as outlined in the student planner.
  • Any stage crew member who becomes ineligible will be removed from crew duty for 2 weeks. Should that crew member be ineligible for 2 weeks in a row they will be removed from crew for 3 weeks. 3 weeks of ineligibility results in a month’s removal from crew. If a crew member continues to be ineligible after 4 weeks they will be removed from crew for the remainder of the semester.