Welcome to the Paw Paw Performing Arts Center

The Paw Paw Performing Arts Center, affectionately referred to as the PAC, was opened in 2003. It is the performance home to the Paw Paw Public Schools Elementary Music Department, Paw Paw Middle School Vocal and Instrumental Music Department, Paw Paw High School Vocal and Instrumental Music Department, and the Paw Paw High School Performing Arts Department. 

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Our lighting system utilizes 180 Strand SD 80 dimmers controlled by an ETC ION 1500 Lighting Console. Our lighting package uses a repertory style light plot featuring ETC Colorsource Pars, Strand Coolbeam Lekos, Altman Star Pars, and Altman Cyc Lights. We have 2 Lycian Super Arc 400 Followspots. Our house lighting system was recently upgrade with ETC Paradigm controls and Canto USA RLED House lights.


We have a Infocus 500 projector tied to a computer control system able to run videos, powerpoints, and DVD's. We can project either on our up stage CYC or on our Cinema screen located just up stage of the proscenium. 

A newly installed Behringer X32 Audio Console runs our may house system. Several utility mixers are available if needed. We have 19 channels of wireless available as well as a complete stage mic setup. Four stage mixes as well as multiple utility mixes can be sent from front of house. We have digital audio and video recording capabilities as well as multiple playback options. 

Paw Paw Performing Arts Center Rental Information

If you are interested in renting The Paw Paw Performing Arts Center for your event please contact Paw Paw Public Schools Central office at 269-415-5200

To check date availability, please contact Technical Director Kris Perkins at 269-415-5664 or via email at Kristofer.Perkins@ppps.org

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PPPS District Ambassador Program

We need your help to make the Paw Paw Performing Arts Center the best it can be.

Since its opening in 2003, The Paw Paw Performing Arts Center has begun the development of a program called “District Ambassadors”. Our Ambassadors provide a touch of class to each event by volunteering to hand out programs, assist in seating, take tickets, or work in the box office. There are no special skills needed to be an Ambassador, only the interest in assisting with a performance at our state of the art facility. “District Ambassadors” get to see the show for free and are a very vital part of the operation of the Paw Paw Performing Arts Center . Ambassadors are scheduled per event so there is no commitment to contribute time to each and every performance.

We would like to invite any adult community member or friends of the community that might be interested in becoming a “District Ambassador” to contact Kristofer Perkins at the Paw Paw Performing Arts Center at 415-5664 or by e-mail at Kristofer.Perkins@ppps.org. We would be thrilled to have you join us at the Performing Arts Center as an Ambassador!