Staff members

Jessica Roy
Freshman & Sophomore Counselor
Phone: 269-415-5613
Email: jessica.roy@ppps.org
Dave Kenyon
Junior & Senior Counselor
Phone: 269-415-5639
Email: david.kenyon@ppps.org
Ann Schultz
Academic Advisor
Phone: 269-415-5670
Email: ann.schultz@ppps.org
MaryAnn Blink
Phone: 269-415-5611
Email: maryann.blink@ppps.org

Paw Paw High School Counseling Office

We as School Counselors believe that our most important function is to assist students in obtaining equal opportunities within the school system and maximizing their potential through those opportunities. This task will be accomplished without regard for race, sex, sexual orientation, religion, national origin, language or physical or mental handicap. We are open to your input, questions or concerns at all times. We have created this site as a resource for students, parents and faculty members seeking further information on colleges and universities, financial aid, and scholarship opportunities.