• A New Fundraising Initiative for Paw Paw Public Schools!

    Paw Paw Public Schools is proud to provide a fundraiser that doesn't require any of out-of-pocket donations. The Paw Paw Public Schools Web App is an application that works with all major search engines and raises funds for Paw Paw Public Schools every time you search for products online using the "compare" button.

    • What if every time you did a price comparison search on Google, using the "compare" button, you knew it would support Paw Paw Public Schools?
    • What if you could provide funds for Paw Paw Public Schools every time you made a purchase from Amazon.com?
    IT IS NOT a shopping site!  You don't have to buy anything to earn money for Paw Paw Public Schools. Your clicks help us raise funds when you perform searches, compare prices, and shop online. We also earn commission if you decide to make a purchase from Amazon.com or DigiDn.com.

    You can help us raise even more funds by sharing the Paw Paw Public Schools Web App with your friends, family, and colleagues. Each time they search and compare prices, our programs raise money!  It's that easy.

    So, please install the
    Paw Paw Public Schools Web App, share it with everyone you know, and start supporting our programs today!

    You need to enter this number when you install the program, so we recieve funds:  80432
    Get the Application here:    Shopping Genie

Last Modified on December 17, 2010