Paw Paw Public Schools

Achieving Excellence

Contact Administrators

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Title Name Email Address
Phone Number
Superintendent Sonia Lark 269-415-5200
Asst Superintendent of Business Operation8 Barbara Khaja bakhaja@ppps.org269-415-5210
Asst Superintendent of Curriculum & Instruction Mary Puckett mepuckett@ppps.org269-415-5208
Early Elementary Principal Matthew Turner 269-415-5300
Later Elementary Principal Jeremy Davison 269-415-5400
Middle School Principal Jerry McDaniel 269-415-5500
Middle School Asst. Principal Michelle Wistinghausen mlwistinghausen@ppp269-415-5500
High School Principal Michael Dahlinger 269-415-5600
High School Asst. Principal Tammy Southworth tksouthworth@ppps.org269-415-5600
Community Education Director Jeannine Koeneke 269-415-5700
Athletic Director Rick Mitchell 269-415-5614
Auditorium Director Kris Perkins kmperkins@ppps.org269-415-5664
Food Service Director Korrie Perkins 269-415-5650
Maintenance Director Don Dean 269-415-5227
Special Education Services Director Rebecca Longcore ralongcore@ppps.org269-415-5594
Technology Director Nate Jepkema 269-415-5597
Transportation Director Scott Hitchcock 269-415-5223