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    Name:  Sean Kubik

    Email Address: sckubik@ppps.org

    Phone number: 269 657 8898 ext. 6524

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     2ndEnglish 10
     3rdEnglish 10
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     5th  English 10
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    I graduated Pennfield in 2002 in Battle Creek, Mi. Went off to college to Western Michigan University where I started my studies in political science--with a destiny of being a senator; however, plans changed and I wanted to write. I came up with the idea that I would be an English teacher where I could talk about what I loved, and pass it on to my students, as well  as write in the summers. I then graduated from WMU and moved promptly down to warmer weather with a few friends to Florida. I obtained a teaching job at The Villages High School, and taught for five years. After, I moved back to my home school of Pennfield with hope of giving students the same great experience I had from teachers that continued to work there. Most recently I moved to Lawton while thoroughly enjoying the area and knew from an employee and a graduate of Paw Paw that it was a great school district. So, I promptly obtained a position and am excited to be at one of the best schools I will have ever worked at.

    I am an avid outdoors person--hiking, camping, backpacking, kayaking & canoeing. I prefer the outdoors to most places. In Florida I learned to surf and now enjoy doing the same on Lake Michigan, but my true love is snowboarding--one great motive to move back from Florida. I have practiced martial arts on and off for 24 years. I also enjoy the typical English teacher activities of reading and writing, as well.