• Welcome to Mrs. Acosta-Chen's

    Name: Zara Acosta-Chen  

    Email Address: zaacostachen@ppps.org

    Phone number: 269-657-8840, ext 6520
     Room number: 811

    Schedule and Links to googleclassroom
    1st hour (7:3-8:30)  Chem/Phys
    2nd hour (8:35-9:30) Chem/Phys
    3rd hour ( 9:35-10:34) Chem/Phys
    FLEx (10:39-10:0)
    Lunch (10:39-11:29)
    4th hour (11:34-12:29) Physics
    5th hour (12:34-1:29) Chem/Phys
    6th hour (1:34-2:29) Planning
    I am a science teacher at Paw Paw High School. I teach Essential Chemistry and Physics and Physics. I grew up near Albany, New York and really loved science in high school. I majored in physics at Wesleyan University in Connecticut, but also studied Japanese on the side and even spend 9 months on a study abroad program in Kyoto, Japan. After graduating from Wesleyan, I returned to Japan to work as an assistant language teacher in Nagasaki Prefecture for three years. During that time, I worked on my Japanese speaking skills, competed on a festival-style dance team, and learned tea ceremony. I returned to the US and completed a masters degree in teacher science from New York University.