The Peer to Peer Links Support Program provides many opportunities for general education students, as well as students with various disabilities.  Students learn to relate to people with different needs and develop an increased understanding of individual differences.  Increasing student acceptance and diversity within the Middle School culture leads to a positive environment for all students.
Mentors (LINKS) will be matched with a student with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) or students with special needs/disabillities and asked to model socialization (daily social skills) and independence skills.  Link support students will be matched with a student and asked to assist them during a designated class period or during lunch or passing times.  Their commitment is exclusive to the school day and that specific class and/or lunch time.  Each student involved will have more than one link so it will not be the "sole" responsibility of that link to support the student.
Please feel free to contact the following with questions:
Nicole Douglass, PPMS Middle School Counselor
(269) 415-5516
Stephanie Brown-Boyer, VBISD/School Social Worker
(269) 217-1263