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    The Maintenance Services administrative office is located at:
    636 Main Street
    Paw Paw, MI 49079
    To reach us by email or phone:
    Maintenance Services Director
    Don Dean
    Phone: 269-415-5227



    Public Bid

     Paw Paw Public Schools

     Bid Release Date:  March 21, 2018

     Pre-Bid Meeting Date:  March 26, 2018

     3:30 p.m., local time.

     Proposal Due Date:

     March 29, 2018 – 3:30 p.m., local time.

     Return to:  Paul Kobe, Grounds Supervisor

    Paw Paw Public Schools

    119 Johnson Rd.

    Paw Paw, MI  49079



    Late Proposals will be Rejected



    1. Authority
    2. Receipt and Opening of Bids
    3. Qualification of Bidder
    4. Sole Bidder
    5. Discrepancies, Omissions or Interpretations
    6. Inspection of Contract Documents
    7. Bid Security
    8. Performance and Payment Bond
    9. Certificate of Insurance
    10. Examination of Site
    11. Pre-Bid Conference
    12. Post-Bid Information
    13. Acceptance and Rejection of Bid Proposals
    14. Sales Tax
    15. Payment
    16. Scheduling and Hours of Work
    17. Safety and Condition of Site
    18. Indemnify and Hold Harmless Agreement
    19. Workmanship/Inspection
    20. Termination of Contract to Purchase
    21. Specification of Services
    22. Bid Proposal Form
    23. District Site Map
    24. School Site Plans




                                                    3/21/18                                  Bids Released


                                                    3/26/18                                  Pre Bid Meeting at 3:30 p.m., local time


                                                    3/29/18                                  Bid Opening at 3:30 p.m., local time


                                                    4/23/18                                  Start Service


                                                    10/15/18                                End Service





    Paw Paw Public Schools, hereby referred to as Owner, has the authority to obtain the best possible proposal for specified services.  The Owner expects a complete service, as defined in the specifications.  Owner will accept partially completed bids.




    1. Bid Proposals will be opened and read aloud on March 29, 2018 at 3:30 p.m. at the following location:


    Paw Paw Public Schools Administration Building

    119 Johnson Rd.


    1. Bids received after designated bid receipt deadline will be returned unopened.


    1. Proposal must be sealed with bidder’s name on the outside of the envelope and designated as follows:


    Sealed Proposal

    Paw Paw Public Schools

    Attn.:  Paul Kobe, Grounds Supervisor

    District Wide Lawn Mowing Services 

    Bidder Name, Address, Phone Number


    1. Bids shall be submitted on the Bid Proposal Form furnished with all blank spaces filled in. All blanks on the bid form shall be filled in by typewriter or manually in ink.  All alterations or erasures shall be initialed by the bid signer


    1. The Owner shall have the right to waive any informality or irregularity in any bid received and to accept bids which, in his/her judgment, are in his/her own best interest.


    1. The Owner shall award bids based upon Site Grouping and reserves the right to award these groups in such a manner as it deems is in the best interest of the District. Multiple contractors may be selected.


    1. The bidder, by making his/her bid, represents that he/she has read and understood the contract and bid documents, and that his/her bid is made in accordance therewith.


    1. Bid prices shall include all applicable taxes, bonds, overhead, profit and other pertinent costs. Bid prices provided on the Bid Proposal Form shall be binding for the duration of the mowing season.  No additional costs to this contract will be authorized during the contract period without written authorization from the Owner. 


    1. Oral, telephone, facsimile or telegraphic bids are invalid and will not receive consideration.


    1. Any bid may be withdrawn prior to the scheduled time for opening of bid proposals.


    1. A bid may not be modified, withdrawn or canceled by the bidder for sixty (60) calendar days following the time and date designated for the opening of bids, and bidder so agrees in submitting his/her bid.


    1. The bid proposal form will be considered a portion of the contract document.




    1. The Owner reserves the right to request qualification information from any bidder before issuing documents, receiving bids or awarding a contract. The Owner may, at his/her sole discretion, accept or reject bidders as qualified.  The right to waive any informality in qualification materials is reserved by the Owner.  The Bidder, in submitting his/her bid, agrees to accept the decision of the Owner as final.


    1. The selected Contractor and its supplier shall have been actively engaged in supplying similar services for a period of five (5) years and shall be required to provide names and addresses where those services have been provided.


    1. To enable the Owner to evaluate the competency and financial responsibility of the bidder, the bidder shall furnish the following information:


    • A list of similar projects completed during the previous five years, including the name and phone number of a contact person. All school contracts shall be listed. 
    • A statement regarding any past, present, or pending litigation with an owner. Such additional information may be required to satisfy the Owner that the bidder is adequately prepared, in technical experience, or otherwise, to fulfill the contract.


    1. The submitters shall provide full disclosure of all existing client relationships that currently or prospectively may give rise to conflicts of interest and disqualification as governed by the codes of rules of professional responsibility and conduct.




    If only one bid is received in response to the Invitation to Bid, a detailed cost proposal will be requested of the single bidder.  A cost/price analysis and evaluation and/or audit shall be performed of the cost proposal in order to determine if the price is fair and reasonable.  The Owner reserves the right to cancel the bid if there is only one bid received.  The Owner’s decision will be final.




    1. Bidder shall promptly notify the Owner of any ambiguity, inconsistency, or errors which they may discover upon examination of the contract documents or of the site and local conditions. Bidders requesting clarification or interpretation of the bid documents shall make a written request to the Owner to reach him/her at least seven (7) calendar days prior to the date for receipt of bids for transmittal to the Owner.  Direct all questions to:


                                    Paul Kobe, Grounds Supervisor

                                    Paw Paw Public Schools

                                    119 Johnson Rd.

                                    Paw Paw, MI  49079

                                    Phone: 269-415-5200

     FAX: 269-415-5201


    1. Any interpretation, correction, or change of the contract documents will be made by written addendum by the Owner and issued by the Owner. Interpretations, corrections, or changes of the document made in any other manner will not be binding.  Addenda will be delivered via mail or facsimile to all who are known by the Owner to have received contract documents.  Bidders shall acknowledge receipt of addenda on the Bid Proposal Form. 




    1. Bid documents are located and may be obtained at:


    Paw Paw Public Schools

    119 Johnson Rd.

    Phone: 269-415-5200

    FAX: 269-415-5200


    1. The Owner does not assume any responsibility for errors, omissions or misinterpretations resulting from the use of incomplete sets of contract documents.


    1. The Owner, in making copies of the contract documents available, does so only for the purpose of obtaining bids on construction of the work, and does not confer a license or grant for any other use, therefore does not warrant its completeness and adequacy.




    1. Bid security by a qualified surety in the form of a bid bond, certified check or cashier check in an amount equal to the total bid price for mowing the entire district one time is required to be submitted with bid submittal to be considered for award. Bid bonds shall be duly executed by the bidder as principal and having as surety thereon, a company authorized to execute such in the State of Michigan.  Bid bond shall pledge that the bidder, with the understanding that if his/her bid is accepted, will enter into a contract with the Owner for the bid category (ies) stated in his/her bid.  


    1. Bid securities will be returned to successful bidders after a contract agreement has been executed, and acceptance of required bonds and insurance is made. The bid security of bidders not under consideration for award of contract will be returned by the Owner in a timely manner. 
    2. The bid security obligees shall be (School District) and shall become its property in the event that the bidder fails, within fifteen (15) days of notice of award to execute the contract agreement. The bid security shall be forfeited to the Owner as liquidated damages, not as a penalty.




    Performance and payment bonds will not be required on this project.




    1. Before commencement of any work, a Certificate of Insurance executed by bidder’s insurance agent or carrier showing required insurance coverage shall be submitted. A Thirty Day Cancellation Clause is required on all policies.  Failure to provide the Certificate may be considered material breach of the agreement and may be grounds for terminating the agreement.


    1. As a condition of performing work for the Owner as a Contractor, the Contractor must provide Owner with satisfactory evidence of its insurance coverage as follows:


    • Worker’s Compensation and Employers’ Liability Insurance covering your statutory obligations in the State of Michigan.


    • Automobile Liability Insurance with a limit of $1,000,000 per accident covering your owned, non owned and hired automobiles.


    • Commercial Liability Insurance written on an OCCURRENCE policy form that includes coverage for your operations, personal injury, XCU (explosion, collapse and underground), independent contractors, contractual, and products-completed operations with limits of liability as follows:


    1. If your policy is written on the 1986 ISO Simplified form:

                                    $1,000,000 Occurrence

                                    $2,000,000 General Aggregate

                                    $2,000,000 Product- Completed Operations Aggregate


    1. If your policy’s general aggregate is per job, then a $1 million limit of liability is acceptable for the general aggregate and the products-completed operations aggregate.


    1. If your policy is written on a form other than the 1986 ISO Simplified form:

                                    $1,000,000 Occurrence (bodily injury and property damage combined)

                                    $1,000,000 Aggregate (applicable to products-completed operations only)


    • That Owner is an additional insured on the General Liability and Umbrella Liability policies certified.




    The bidder shall be held to have examined the premises and site so as to compare them with the contract drawings and specifications, and to have satisfied themselves as to the condition of the premises, obstructions, the actual levels, and other factors necessary for carrying out the work before the delivery of their proposal.  The bidders shall also acquaint themselves with the character and extent of the Owner’s operations in the area of the work, so that they may plan their services accordingly.  No allowances or extra payment will be made to a Contractor for or on account of costs or expenses occasioned by failure to comply with the provisions of this paragraph, or by reason of error or oversight on the part of the bidder, or on account of interference by the Owner’s or other Contractor’s activities.  It shall be expressly understood that the Owner’s operations will take precedence over any other activity.




    1. A pre-bid meeting is scheduled as follows to review the specifications and expectations of the contracted services:

    March 26, 2018, 3:30 p.m., local time

    Paw Paw Public Schools

    119 Johnson Rd.

    Paw Paw, MI  49079

    Phone: 269-415-5200


    1. Attendance at the pre-bid conference is not required in order to submit a bid proposal for these services. However, all bidders are responsible for knowing the information disseminated at the pre-bid conference. 


    1. Responses to questions and requests for clarifications will be made by addenda only after the pre-bid conference if required. Any representations and/or oral discussions not confirmed by addenda will not be binding upon the Owner.




    1. After the bids are received, tabulated, and evaluated by the Owner, the apparent lowest bidder (s) shall meet with the Owner at a post-bid meeting, if requested by Owner, for the purpose of determining any contract overlaps or omissions, and shall provide the following information:


    • Designation of the work to be performed by the bidder with his/her own forces, and that to be contracted.
    • Complete detailed cost breakdown including manpower requirements and costs associated with work activities.


    1. The bidder is required to submit information regarding the names and backgrounds of the bidder’s equipment operators and responsible company officials, if requested, and establish, to the satisfaction of the Owner, the reliability and responsibility of the persons or entities proposed to deliver the services described in the contract documents.


    1. The Owner reserves the right to physically inspect and view the Contractor’s equipment at any time prior to awarding a contract or upon request at a later date.




    1. Low bid price is not always the determining factor in the awarding of the bid. Other factors considered may include, but not be limited to, delivery and/or completion time, quality, past performance, and references.


    1. The contract shall be awarded in the form of a Purchase Order mailed or facsimiled to the Contractor(s) selected.


    1. The Owner shall have the right to accept combination bids received from a bidder for more than one bid category.


    1. Bids are considered irregular and may be rejected for any of the following reasons unless otherwise provided by law:


    • If bid proposal form furnished is not used, altered, or incomplete.
    • If there are unauthorized additions, qualifications, conditions, or irregularities of any kind which may make the bid incomplete, indefinite or ambiguous as to its meaning.
    • If bidder adds any provisions reserving right to accept or reject any awards of contract.
    • If unit or lump sum prices or alternates contained in the bid schedule are obviously unbalanced either in excess of, or below, reasonable costs analysis values.
    • If bid security does not accompany bid proposal form.
    • Failure of the bidder to inspect the proposed sites.
    • Bidder’s lack of expertise as shown by past work and judged from the standpoint of workmanship and performance history or past references.
    • If any pertinent instructions to bidders are not fully complied with.


    1. SALES TAX


    Owner is exempt from all taxes.  A tax exemption certificate will be issued upon request.


    1. PAYMENT


    1. Payment will be processed within thirty (30) days of receipt of invoice, assuming no discrepancies exist, after approval of request for payment. All invoices shall have invoice numbers printed on them.  Final payment will be approved only after completion of all punch list items and receipt of all required documentation by Owner.  


    1. The Contractor is responsible for submitting all invoices within thirty days of the date for which services are rendered. Invoices for services rendered during the month of June must be submitted by June 28, 2018.




    1. Mowing services shall be performed at times mutually agreed upon between Owner and Contractor. Contractor shall be responsible for complying with all local ordinance regarding working times.  Contractor assumes all liability for complying with local ordinances.  Any changes to the established schedule must have prior approval of the Owner, and scheduled at the least disruptive time possible.


    1. Scheduling of work must be coordinated with Paul Kobe, Grounds Supervisor, operational needs in order to avoid disruption or unsafe conditions.


    1. The Contractor shall contact Paul Kobe, Grounds Supervisor by April 9, 2018 to discuss mowing schedules, site activities and expectations. A list of contact names and numbers will be provided.




    1. All work must be performed within the codes, standards and municipal ordinances of the community within which the property is located and must meet all federal, state and local regulations.


    1. The Contractor shall be responsible for providing and for the placement of barricades, tarps, plastic, flag tape and other safety/traffic control equipment required to protect its employees, the public, surrounding areas, equipment and vehicles. The flow of vehicular traffic shall not be impeded at any time during this project.  The safety of the Contractor’s employees and the public is of prime concern to the Owner, and the Contractor must take all necessary steps to assure proper safety during the performance of the contract.  Any bidders that have a history of safety problems or a high incidence of accidents will not be considered for award of a contract.


    1. All machinery shall be operated by trained and qualified personnel.


    1. No mowing or trimming shall take place within 300 feet of students and staff during normal school hours. The Contractor shall immediately cease mowing operations when school related activities prevent the Contractor from achieving the designated separation distance.  Mowing shall resume at a later time when conditions permit safe operation of equipment.  Under no circumstances shall mower discharge chutes be directed towards students, staff or persons using the school property.


    1. The work area shall be cleaned at the end of each work day. All waste, tools, equipment, etc., shall be removed or safety stored.  The Owner is not responsible for theft, damage or loss of materials to the Contractor’s property.  All possible safety hazards to workers or the public shall be corrected immediately and left in a safe condition at the end of each work day. 


    1. Contractor shall perform all work so that no damage to the building, grounds or finished materials result. Contractor shall be responsible for all damages to the Owner’s property caused by either equipment or operator error and shall repair any damage to the satisfaction of the Owner.  The Owner reserves the right to repair all damages with other sources if the Contractor fails to do so.  The Contractor shall then be back-charged for all costs required to complete these repairs.


    1. The Contractor shall be responsible and liable for any and all damages caused by any action or inaction of an employee or subcontractor working for the Contractor.


    1. In the event that the Contractor causes building damage which compromises the security of the building, the Contractor is responsible for immediately contacting the Owner’s representative.




    Contractor agrees to accept responsibility for loss or damage to any person or entity, and to defend, indemnify, hold harmless and release the Owner, its officers, and employees, from actions, claims, damages, disabilities or the cost of litigation that are asserted by any person or entity to the extent arising out of the negligent acts or omissions or willful misconduct in the performance by the seller hereunder, whether or not there is concurrent negligence on the part of the Owner, but excluding liability due to the active negligence or willful misconduct of the Owner.  This indemnification obligation is not limited in any way by any limitation on the amount or type of damages or compensation payable to or for seller or its agents, under workmen’s compensation acts, disability benefits acts or other employees’ benefits acts.




    1. Performance will be evaluated based upon the expectation of a neat, professional looking appearance of the grounds.


    1. Where not more specifically described in any of the various sections of these specifications, workmanship shall conform to all of the methods and operations of best standards and accepted practices of the trade or trades involved, and shall include all items required for completion of the services. All work shall be executed by personnel skilled in their respective lines of work.


    1. The Owner may request a meeting with the Contractor at any time for the purpose of evaluating the Contractor’s performance. Items not completed to the satisfaction of the Owner will be corrected by the Contractor within a mutually agreed timeframe.  Failure by the Contractor to remedy concerns of the Owner may result in the termination of this contract. 




    1. The Owner reserves the right to review and/or terminate the contract if at any time the Contractor fails to conform to the requirements of this contract, seeks relief under any law for the benefit of insolvents or is adjudicated bankrupt, if any legal proceedings are commenced against Contractor which may interfere with the performance of the contract or if the Contractor has failed to supply an adequate working force, or material or proper quality, or has failed in any other respect to prosecute the work with the diligence and force specified and intended by the terms of the contract.


    1. In the event of termination of the contract, any excess of the cost arising there from will be charged against the Contractor and his sureties, who will be liable thereof. All monies due the Contractor or retained under terms of the contract shall be forfeited to the Owner. 


      • All District sites (Paw Paw Early Elementary, Paw Paw Later Elementary, Paw Paw Middle School, Paw Paw High School, and Administration Building) shall be mowed and trimmed weekly to maintain a neat, uniform appearance. District sites shall not be mowed and trimmed more frequently unless requested by Owner.
      • Mowing shall occur approximately one time per week at each site and in no case shall more than 10 calendar days pass between mowing at each site unless specifically directed by Owner to extend the length of time between mowings. Sites shall be trimmed every time they are mowed at the same time they are mowed.   
      • Bids are to be submitted and the contract(s) awarded on a per cut basis.


      • Mowing must be available at the awarded rate at all times between April 23, 2018 and October 15, 2018.
      • Mowing will not exceed 28 cuts nor be less than 18 cuts during the cutting season.
      • The Owner reserves the right to postpone mowing operations when weather, financial or other conditions necessitate a reduction of the mowing services.
      • All employees working for the Contractor must wear shirts at all times while on district property unless granted an exception by the Owner’s representative.
      • Smoking is illegal and not permitted on school grounds. The Contractor shall ensure all employees observe this law. 
      • The Contractor shall provide the Owner with a means of immediate communication regarding site completion, emergencies or any other occasion that may arise. A cellular phone number or pager number of the person responsible for managing this contract must be provided on the bid proposal form. 
      • The Contractor shall provide a list of available mowing /trimming equipment for this contract. This list must be submitted with the Bid Proposal.
      • The Contractor shall not apply any pesticides or herbicides without the Owner’s written approval.
      • Additional services or operations such as aerification, fertilization, dethatching, fall clean up, etc., shall be negotiated on an as needed basis and approved in advance. Non-approved work will not be paid for.  Bid prices for some of these services shall be provided as requested on the Bid Proposal Form. 


    • All mowing operations are to be performed using machines manufactured by companies recognized for producing quality commercial turf equipment. All equipment shall be mechanically sound and reliable. 
    • All blades will be sharp and properly adjusted for height and cutting sharpness.
    • All mower decks shall be equipped with discharge chutes which must be in place at all times when persons are within 300 feet of the mowing operation taking place on school district property.
    • At no time shall an operator of a piece of equipment leave that equipment unoccupied and running or capable of being started.
    • Mowers are to be set to cut at a minimum of two (2.5) inches and grass shall never exceed a total height of four (4) inches between cuts. Mowing height shall vary within the range depending on growth rates, moisture and other factors.
    • Trimming will be performed with nylon cord trimming equipment


    1. MOWING
      • All litter such as paper, cans, bottles, branches, etc. must be picked up and disposed of prior to mowing.
      • Mowing frequency shall be such that the grass cutting or clippings are not of sufficient quantity to detract from the overall site appearance. If the time between cuttings must be extended for any reason, thereby causing an excessive amount of clippings on the lawn, or if the clippings shall be eliminated by whatever means are available to the Contractor and at no expense to the Owner.
      • Mowing shall be coordinated to prevent the depositing of mowing debris into planters or flower beds. Any clippings or debris blown into these areas shall be removed immediately.
      • All non-turf areas such as sidewalks, patios, entrances, planters, etc., shall be free of clippings and cutting debris via means of blowers, sweepers or other equipment.


    • Trimming shall be done simultaneously with the mowing operation. Trimming is to be completed each time a site is mowed. 
    • Trimming shall be done in all areas that are inaccessible to mowing equipment. This includes fence lines, back stops, play areas, playground equipment, under fixed bleachers, next to buildings where established plantings are not present, and around all other obstacles to provide a neat and even appearance to the entire site.
    • Care shall be used when trimming around tress and wooden posts to prevent damage to these items.



     BID PACKAGE:                  District Wide Lawn Mowing Services

     DUE DATE:                        Thursday, March 29, 2018, 3:30 p.m.


    TO:                                           Paw Paw Public Schools

                                                    119 Johnson Rd.

                                                    Paw Paw, MI   49079

                                                    Attn:  Paul Kobe, Grounds Supervisor


                     NAME OF BIDDER


                    Firm Name:                                                                                                                                                                            









                    Telephone:                                                                                 Fax:                                                                                      



                     The undersigned understands that the Owner reserves the right to reject any and all bids and to waive informalities and irregularities in bidding.

                     Owner also reserves the right to withhold bids for a period of time (60 days) from bid opening date.

                     The Owner reserves the right to accept or reject any or all bids in whole or in part, or to waive any informalities therein.  If in the Owner’s opinion it is in his/her best interest, the contract may be awarded to other than the lowest bidder, for reason of establishing uniformity, delivery time, etc.

                     If award is made to us under this proposal, we agree to enter into an Agreement with Paw Paw Public Schools to furnish products and/or services, in strict accordance with this proposal, bid documents and all pertinent portions of plans, drawings and specifications.




                    The undersigned acknowledges receipt of the following addenda:


                    Addendum Number                                                  Dated                                                    


                    Addendum Number                                                  Dated                                                    





    1. A Corporation organized and existing under the laws of the State of                                                              


    1. Name, title, and signature of individual duly authorized to execute contracts:












                    REFERENCES:                  Attach the names of five references to your bid, preferably school districts.



    Name Of Company/District:                                                                                                                                                            



    Contact Person:                                                                                   Phone No:                                                                           



    Name Of Company/District:                                                                                                                                                            



    Contact Person:                                                                                   Phone No:                                                                           





    Name Of Company/District:                                                                                                                                                            



    Contact Person:                                                                                   Phone No:                                                                           



    Name Of Company/District:                                                                                                                                                            



    Contact Person:                                                                                   Phone No:                                                                           



    Name Of Company/District:                                                                                                                                                            



    Contact Person:                                                                                   Phone No:                                                                           





    GROUP                                 LOCATION                                         COST FOR LOCATION PER CUT



    GROUP ONE                       Paw Paw Early/Later Elem.               $                                                                             



    *GROUP ONE TOTAL                                   $                                                                                             




    GROUP TWO                     


                    Paw Paw Middle/Admin.                   $                                                                             



                    Paw Paw High School                        $                                                                             



    *GROUP TWO TOTAL                                 $                                                                             


                     *May be less than sum of individual bids if Contractor elects to provide discount for award of entire group. 


      Firm Name:                                                                                                                                                         


    My signature certifies that the proposal as submitted complies with all Terms and Conditions as set forth in this RFP.  My signature also certifies that the accompanying proposal is not the result of, or affected by, any unlawful act of collusion with another person or company engaged in the same line of business or commerce, or any act of fraud.  Furthermore, I understand that fraud and unlawful collusion are crimes under Federal Law, and can result in fines, prison sentences and civil damages awards.


    I hereby certify that I am authorized to sign as a representative for the following firm:



                    Firm Name:                                                                                                                                                                         









                    Telephone:                                                                              Fax:                                                                                    



                    Cellular Phone:                                                                     Pager No.:                                                                          













                    Check Off


    A list of equipment owned and proposed to be used for these services is enclosed.


    A bid bond in the amount of the cost to cut the entire district one time is enclosed.