• Mr. Díaz
    Clase: Español del Octavo Grado (8th Grade Spanish I)
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    In 8th grade Spanish 1, you will speak, read, write, and hear the Spanish language and build upon the knowledge and skills you've acquired through Spanish in 6th and 7th grade. You will also learn about various cultures and customs of the Spanish speaking world in Latin America as well as in Europe. 
    Upon completion of the course, students of Spanish 1 may receive a high school World Language credit towards their graduation requirement.
    To view the 8th grade daily homework document please click on the following link:
    **Please note that teachers may be absent and unable to update the document. This should not replace the student's responsibility of recording their daily homework in their planner or in a reliable place.**
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                                      Español I



     Día Laboral / No Hay Clases


    Bienvenidos! / Primer día de clases

    Introduccíon a Español / Sílaba

    9/6  Distribucción de textos
    9/7  El alfabeto en español
    9/8  Sonidos de vocales y consonantes