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    Welcome to Mrs. McLaughlin's Homepage

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    Name:  Annemarie McLaughlin

    Email Address:  asmclaughlin@ppps.org

    Phone number:  657-8840, extension 6478

    Please feel free to contact me by phone during my planning time or afterschool as those are the times I will be free to talk.  You can always leave a message and I will try to get back with you as soon as possible.  You can reach me by email at anytime, of course.
    My daily schedule:
    1st hour:  Co-teach Chem/Phys with Mrs. Acosta-Chen
    2nd hour:  Algebra 1
    3rd hour:  Co-teach Algebra 1 with Mrs. Mitchell
    Flex A/Lunch B
    4th hour:  Geometry
    5th hour:  Planning hour
    6th hour:  Co-teach Geometry with Mrs. Mitchell