• Welcome to Mrs. Martinic's

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    Name: Renae Martinic

    Email Address: rnmartinic@ppps.org

    Phone number: 269-415-5600 Ext. 5646

    Class Schedule:
    1st hour  US History 7:35-8:34
    2nd hour  US History 8:39 - 9:33
    3rd hour Honors History 9:38 - 10:32
    Lunch 10:37-10:57
    Flex 11:00- 11:27
    4th hour US History 11:34 - 12:29
    5th hour US History 12:33- 1:25
    6th hour Plan 1:30 - 2:25 

    Welcome! I am a graduate of Hope College and I received my Master's Degree from Central Michigan University. I married Tom and have 16 year old daughter Natalie and a 14 year old son Tommy!  My kids play both travel Basketball and soccer.  My son's soccer team travels all over the United States.  My family and I love to go to our cabin in Baldwin Michigan.  We fish, swim, kayak, and relax.