• Welcome to Kim Korteway's


    Name: Kim Korteway

    Email Address: kskorteway@ppps.org

    Phone number: 269-415-5640 from 8:30 - 9:15

    Room number: 808

    1st hour Anatomy and Physiology 7:35 - 8:30
    2nd hour Teacher Planning 8:35 - 9:30
    3rd hour Chem / Phys 9:35 - 10:34
    Lunch  / Flex  11:09 - 11:29 (I have "A" flex)
    4th hour Chem / Phys 11:34 - 12:29
    5th hour Anatomy and Physiology 12:34 - 1:29
    6th hour Biology 1:34 - 2:29
     I am a Science teacher at Paw Paw High School.  I teach Anatomy and Physiology for 11th and 12th grade students, Biology for 10th grade students and Chem / Phys for 9th grade students.  I graduated from Kalamazoo Central and WMU.  I earned my Masters in Science Education and Bachelors in Biology and have a group science minor.  I have been teaching for 29 years.  I have two kids, an 18 year old daughter-Katrina,  15 year old son-Andrew.  Creatures I have include a white lab/husky named Gracie and two corn snake (in my class) named Nacho and Taco, a black Manx/halloween cat named Bob Marley, and tropical fish.