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Welcome to the Grad Bash Web Page!
It's official . . . the 2016 parent planning group has your official fun planned for the last week of school!  You will not want to miss a thing!  SAVE THE DATE: Monday, June 6th will be your over night party (better known as GRAD BASH!!!)  You will love EVERY minute of it!  Details to come, but grab your phone, wear comfy clothes to your liking and that's it!  SIMPLE!
Reminder - please continue to send in your registration money so we can keep building the fun and momentum.  Random monthly Gift Card drawings for pre-registrants!  Any questions please contact Andrea Toliver 269-532-9313 
 For more information or to step forward for the class of 2016 - please contact Andrea Toliver at     (269)532-9313 or at

Last Modified on February 12, 2016