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     Susanne Reisterer earned her Bachelor of Science in Art Education in 1990 from Western Michigan University.
    Her area of concentration focused on painting. 
    Mrs. Reisterer enjoys all types of art styles with a preference for bright, colorful, patterned art works. 
    Mrs. Reisterer enjoys creating her own art as well as teaching art to children. 
    She has illustrated a children's book entitled "Party in the Treetops" by Ralph Kayler.
    She also enjoys selling vibrant colorful woodcarved paintings and summer-themed artworks at Michigan Summer art shows. 
    Mrs. Reisterer has enjoyed teaching art at |Paw Paw Middle School for over 20 years.
    Mrs. Reisterer resides in Portage, Michigan with her husband, 3 children and her dog, a Maltese, named Buddy. 

    Email Address: smreisterer@ppps.org

    Phone number: 269-415-5500

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