•  DVM

    Welcome to

    7th and 8th grade English/Language Arts

    with Mr. Vander Meulen!


    First Hour  7:35 – 8:27      ELA7

    Second Hour 8:30 – 9:22       ELA7

      Third Hour 9:25 – 10:17      ELA7

    Fourth Hour 10:20 – 11:12       ELA7

    Lunch 11:12 – 11:42

    Fifth Hour 11:45 – 12:37       PLAN

    Sixth Hour 12:40 – 1:32       ELA8

    Seventh Hour 1:35 – 2:29       ELA8



    Contact information
    Preferred method for communication is by email ddvandermeulen@ppps.org. I will make every effort to reply to your email within 24 hours.  
    If it is a more pressing issue, you can contact me through the office phone number: 269-415-5500

    Conference Period: 5th hour


    Hello!  My name is Darl Vander Meulen, and this is my 20th year teaching at Paw Paw Middle School.  I graduated from Trinity Christian College, a small college south of Chicago, and I am certified to teach English Language Arts and computers.  I also earned my Master’s Degree in Teaching in the Middle School from Western Michigan University
    I have two sons, ages 18 and 20, who attend Portage Northern High School and the Young Adult Program through KRESA.  They are both in the self-contained room for Cognitively Impaired students.  Both boys have a rare syndrome called Cornelia deLange Syndrome or CdLS for short.  They both have mild versions of the syndrome, and their greatest struggle is with verbal communication and academic ability.
    Outside of school, I enjoy woodworking, reading, golfing and football.  I look forward to getting to know all of your students and working with them this year.