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    Hello! Welcome to Mr. Baleja's
    Name: Matthew Baleja
    Email Address: matthew.baleja@ppps.org
    Phone number: (269) 415-5522
    Planning Hour:  6th Hour
    In this course students will study the Earth and all of the processes that have created it, shaped it, and continue to change it.  We will take a look at a number of the systems of the planet including the water system and weather systems.  In addition, there will also be study into the solar system and how that was created, has changed, and how it affects life on planet Earth.  This course will include lectures, vocabulary, worksheets, hands-on labs and interactive work, lab reports, quizzes, and tests.  We hope that your child will gain a greater appreciation for the world in which they live in as well as become more informed citizens in regards to all of the environmental issues facing our lives and the planet.
    Hello, my name is Matthew Baleja.  I completed my undergraduate degree in History, Social Studies, and Natural Science from Alma College where I also competed on the varsity tennis team.  After my first three years, moved to southwest Michigan and was hired by Paw Paw where I have been teaching and coaching tennis for the past 10 years.  When I'm not in school, you will either find me with my family exploring Michigan or on the tennis courts.

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