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    Competative Cheer


          Competitive Cheer isn’t something you normally hear people talking about when you are here at the Middle School. Most think that cheerleaders are cute little girls who are jumping up and down on the sidelines cheering the football and basketball team on. Well, the past two years, PPMS has been proving that wrong, showing the school and community that cheerleading is so much more and, in fact, a sport by creating their second Middle School Competitive Cheer team.

            The team consists of seventh and eighth grade girls who have been practicing together since the first week of November. The girls work on skills such as jumps, splits, and gymnastics. They also work on motions, stunting, and conditioning to make sure they are in tip top shape. This is all in preparation for competitions. At the Middle School level the teams participate in two rounds, cheer one and cheer two.
          Cheer one is the skill round. Each team in the whole state of MI at all levels starts with the same ten motions, this is called a precision drill, and the judges are looking for how tight the motions are, the placement, and the timing. Then they are judged on four skills which for our team is a toe touch, back walk over, one handed cartwheel, and switch split.

          Cheer two which is usually the fan favorite is the open round. The team is open to do any skills they like (following MHSAA rules), with the main focus usually being stunts.  The teams are judged on the variety of skills that they do, difficulty of the skills, execution of the skills, choreography, floor mobility, vocals, team coordination, and general impression.

           This team is full of drive and determination and that is what makes them as strong as they are. With each practice and competition they give it their all and they push themselves to work harder. We create team goals that we try to accomplish at each competition to make sure we are still striving to be our best and stay motivated. This group of girls is very motivated and they strive to be the best, they are definitely something to watch out for in the future.


Last Modified on April 12, 2017