Paw Paw Public Schools

Achieving Excellence

Performing Arts Center

Facility Use Process Chart

  1. Applicant completes Application for Facility Use (Document AU). Process is initiated upon receipt of application in Community Education Office. Forms available at the Community Education Office and at the Performing Arts Center.

    Paw Paw Community Education

    Cedar Street Center

    555 Cedar Street, Paw Paw, MI 49079

    Phone 269-415-5700

    Fax 269-415-5701


    Paw Paw Public Schools

    Performing Arts Center

    530609 Red Arrow, Paw Paw, MI 49079

    Phone 269-415-5664

  2. Application processed and sent to Technical Director for specifications.
  3. Technical Director Contacts applicant to discuss specific needs.
  4. Technical Director sends Technical Specifications Sheet to Community Education Office.
  5. Community Education will determine fees, complete application and notify applicant of deposit due.
  6. Applicant pays 10% deposit and signs Facility Use Permit Acceptance (Document PA) in Community Education Office. Use Permit issued to applicant.
  7. Applicant pays additional 40% deposit to Community Education Office 10 days prior to first day on stage.
  8. Scheduled event takes place in Performing Arts Center.
  9. Following event, Technical Director sends Community Education a final report including statements of any changes in use or charges.
  10. Community Education Office sends Final Invoice to user group. Payment due within 30 days.