• Volunteer Policy

    We appreciate the help of parents and community members who volunteer to help us provide activities for our children. In order to assure the safety of our building, we have established the following policy governing all visitors who work with our children.

    Screening Statement

    All volunteers who work with our children, even for a single event, are required to sign a Screening Statement form indicating they have no criminal convictions and no history of substantiated abuse or neglect of children or adults. The form also states that the person signing it understands that abuse and neglect are against the law, that they have been informed of our Center’s policies regarding abuse and neglect and that they know caregivers are required by law to report abuse and neglect.

    Family Independence Agency Clearance

    All volunteers who will be working regularly with our children must obtain clearance through DHS. We will provide you with a form to sign and send it to DHS. They will then send the form to you to return to us.

    Plan for Supervision

    Our Center is required to have a plan in place to assure that volunteers working with children are always under the supervision of Center staff. This protects both our children and our volunteers. At no time are volunteers to take children out of areas supervised by staff.
    If you’d like to volunteer to help us provide safe, enriching activities for our children, please contact our office so we can talk about how you might participate in our Center.
    If you have questions, please call us (269) 415-5700! These are the contact people who will be able to help you.
    Cedar Street Campus Office 415-5700 Campus Secretary
    GSRP Teachers 415-5721 Mary Collison
      415-5723 Nichole Francomb
      415-5732 Sarah Weston
     Young 5s Teachers 415-5727 Annette Kraft
      415-5724 Elizabeth Glidden
    Community Education Director 415-5705 Jeannine Koeneke