• Cedar Street Campus
    Director: Beckah Chartier
    Email: beckah.chartier@ppps.org


     Cedar Street Campus Building


    What Cedar Street Campus has to offer:

    Our programs have served area children for over 30 years! Certified teachers and trained, experienced staff provide quality programs and activities for children in a safe and caring environment. Programs are open to children from Paw Paw and surrounding districts.
    G.S.R.P. Program: The Great Start Readiness Program (G.S.R.P.) is a state-funded (free to students), full day program designed to provide a positive educational start for pre-kindergarten students who meet the program qualifications. Students must be 4 years old by September 1st, 2019. For more information, or to see if your child meets the eligibility factors, Please email gsrp@vbisd.org or call 269-539-5426 for more information.
    Young 5's: Young 5's is a state-endorsed early Kindergarten program for children who will turn 5 years old between September 2nd and December 1st. These children will not be five years old when school starts in the Fall and may not be ready for the full day expectations of the classroom. Young 5's is a full-day program, but is considered a developmental program that will prepare your child for Kindergarten. 
    BASE Program: Our BASE program provides childcare for area elementary aged children. Busing to and from the elementary campus is available. Students attending the BASE program have opportunities for both active and quiet activities. Homework time and snacks are provided. Please be aware that this program is managed at Cedar Street Campus but is facilitated at the Later Elementary building.
    Alternative Education Program: Our Alternative Education program provides students with the academic courses they need for graduation, in a small class environment and in such a way they feel enabled to be successful learners. 

    Philosophy and Statement of Purpose

    The early childhood program staff believes that all people, including children, thrive in a positive environment where they feel safe and valued. They believe that providing a safe, supportive learning environment is critical to children's positive growth and development.
    The staff believes that the purpose of Paw Paw's early childhood programs is to provide creative, child centered learning experiences in a safe, caring environment to encourage a foundation for lifelong learning. Their goal is to prepare children to begin their K-12 education self confident, happy and eager to learn.