• Paw Paw Early Elementary
    512 North Street • Paw Paw, MI 49079
    P: 269-415-5300 • F: 269-415-5301
  • Paw Paw Early Elementary PTO Bylaws


    Article I: Name & Location

    • The name of the organization is Paw Paw Early Elementary Parent-Teacher Organization (PTO). The PTO is located at 512 North Street, Paw Paw, Michigan 49079.

    Article II: Objectives

    • To promote the education and development of the students and to enhance the teaching and learning environment.
    • To bring a closer working relationship between the home and the school so that we may cooperate intelligently in the education of the students.
    • To raise funds required to further enhance the educational environment for the students.
    • To promote and encourage parent volunteers for PTO sponsored events.

    Article III: Membership

    • Membership in this organization is free and open to any parent/guardian who has children enrolled in Paw Paw Early Elementary and anyone that instructs a student of the early elementary school.

    Article IV: The Officers and Their Duties

    • The Early Elementary officer positions include: President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary.
    • Two people may share a position, but no one person will hold two board positions at one time. Other positions may be appointed at the discretion of the board (ie: Volunteer Coordinator).
    • The officers will hold a one year term.
    • Any board position that becomes available during the school year shall be appointed by the board. In the event any board member cannot finish his/her term, based on a voluntary or involuntary circumstance, the remaining board may appoint a replacement.
    • Duties of the board members may change as needed. These changes shall be communicated in advance as needed.

    Article V: Committees and Chairpersons

    • Committees/Chairpersons may be created or removed each year depending on the current needs decided by the board.

    Article VI: Meetings

    • The general PTO meetings shall be held on the second Tuesday of every month at 6:30pm and at times it could go longer than one hour.
    • General meetings are open to the public and shall be informative meetings, including updates by the committee chairpersons and board.
    • Attendees of the meeting are welcome to present ideas and questions to the Board during an open forum.
    • Some items may be up for vote at general meetings, but not all decisions will be made at general meetings and may be made during Board meetings.
    • Board meetings will be held at the discretion of the Board to transact necessary business in the intervals between PTO meetings.

    Article VII: Voting Procedures

    • Any persons interested in a board position may express interest on or before the April or May board meetings, it can be done by contacting a board member.
    • Voting rights are reserved for parents/guardians of students of Paw Paw Early Elementary, any teacher or staff of Paw Paw Early Elementary and Board members.
    • Absentee votes will not be counted.
    • The voting shall be done in the following sequence: President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary.
    • Elected officers will start their duties in June.
    • A motion shall be passed with a majority vote.
    • Elections for the new board members will be held at the May PTO general meeting.
    • The President and Principal shall each be a member with voting privileges.
    • During officer elections, voting shall be done by private ballot.
    • The President and Vice President will read the votes out loud at the meeting with the results being final.

    Article VIII: Funds

    • All requests for payments and sponsorship with PTO funds shall be approved by a majority vote either at a Board meeting or at a general meeting.
    • At the end of the school year, a balance of $1,000.00 shall be maintained in the account to start the upcoming school year.

    Article IX: Rules of Conduct

    • All meetings will be orderly and productive. Anyone who causes a disturbance during meetings will be asked to leave but may request a private meeting with the Board and Principal if necessary at a later date.

    Article X: Robert’s Rules of Order will be the default procedures for the organization.

    ****By-laws are subject to change by the board’s discretion.