• Recycling at Paw Paw's Elementary Campus! Our classroom does a weekly community service by recycling for both the Later Elementary and the Early Elementary buildings. We are committed to making our school, community and beyond a greener place to live by keeping as much paper out of landfills as we can---paper makes up 40% of landfills. Companies use our paper, instead of cutting down trees, to create recycled paper. This saves energy, and reduces air and water pollution in the process.

    Community Partnership with Autumn House, Paw Paw's Adult Day Services. Our classroom visits Autumn House, encouraging intergenerational interactions. Both the students and the adults benefit from this!

    Safety Patrol---Fifth Grade is the first opportunity for students to become a part of the team that helps to keep our hallways and common areas safe. Students learn leadership skills while helping their schoolmates.

    Credit Union---Fifth Graders can also assist at the credit union that visits our school during the month.